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“The results of the group far outweigh those of the individual, every time,” says Bruce Croxon, digital pioneer and co-founder of Lavalife.

Bruce guides the audience along the exciting and intense entrepreneurial path, describing — through his own experiences and informed insight — what it takes to achieve success in today’s ever faster and demanding entrepreneurial environment.

Members may just as well be experienced in the School of Life as from any university.

At the same time, a divorce left Scot wondering how he could avoid having his next marriage fail as well.

So, Scot began his quest to become the best man he could be and in the process, attempt to understand women.

I laughed out loud, I swooned, I felt like I was a fabulous city girl hanging out having fabulous dinners and cocktails with friends while gorgeous males looked on and passed out in admiration. Jean Carroll was an advice columnist for Elle and she just oozes fun and zest.

A lot of the tips I found to be genius and I didn't necessarily agree with all of them but it was a joyous romp from beginning to end. You don't even have to do what I did and admit that you actually read it.


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