Doggie dating

Of that number, I can only see myself calling two, maybe three of them for a doggie play date.

He does not have anyone to play with and would like some company or...

Besides, most people, if they aren’t monsters, would agree that swiping for pooches appeals infinitely more than swiping for Tinder bros and hos.

C’mon, many bright ideas were born from a struggle. Helloooo.) Some naysayers may consider spending the day with an animal as peak desperation, but whatevs.

Together with The Pet Foundation and our shelter partners, Petbarn helps find forever homes for thousands of dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals every day through our adoption centres in store.

With romance set to bloom this Valentine’s Day, The Pet Foundation together with Petbarn invites you our National Pet Dating day where you could meet your purr-fect match.

how about a walk that lets him meet other pets alike?

Pet Dating is a social application, which allows you to get in touch with other people around you, along with their pets.


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