Dating diva apron

I ordered one box from each company to see whether these services really do make cooking dinner less stressful, and whether they're worth skipping a trip to the grocery store.

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One of my goals this year is to have all of my Christmas presents ready to go before December so I can really enjoy the holidays.

Get this full apron tutorial from Honey Bear Lane, a part of this list as well!

In the meantime I ordered a bunch of fabric and I have been busy planning away my projects. Some of these sites even have tutorials to make it easier for the novice seamstress like me! Anthro Knock-Off Apron by Blue Robin Cottage – I LOVE this one!

I was spending a day in my kitchen testing recipe delivery services Blue Apron, Hello Fresh and Plated, companies that deliver preportioned ingredients to your doorstep along with instructions on how to turn them into dinner.

The lone sage leaf exemplified the benefits and pitfalls of these kinds of online services, which aim to help with dreaded weekly meal planning and encourage healthier eating at home.


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