Data dating episode

The human crew is clearly unable and/or reluctant to give Data reliable advice, and Troi warns him against trusting in literature on the subject, but since Riker says nothing beats true love Data decides to try 'running' a romantic program with her, yet method is madness in a human lover's eyes...

Arrived at an M class planet's coordinates, the Enterprise finds it gone, inexplicably, while Worf fears disappearances and unexplained entries aboard constitute a major security risk.

"In Theory" is the 25th episode of the fourth season of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, originally aired on June 3, 1991 in broadcast syndication.

The episode was written by Joe Menosky and Ronald D.

Dev’s go-to date night spot is a wine bar that evokes the nice-but-still-low-pressure atmosphere necessary to feel confident when you’re not quite sure about the person you’re going out with.

He knows the bartender and requests two glasses of “that light red you poured me the other day,” and gets down to the business of conversation.

Some need an operating manual just to get through a date, while others wouldn’t show affection if the Federation mandated it.As they turn away and the camera view changes, the object has disappeared.See more » At the beginning of the episode, Jenna D' Sora is being consoled by Data concerning a recent relationship.The atmosphere isn’t programmed for seduction when Deanna shows up in her fiancée’s doorway.Cold feet get even colder when he shows her his sketches of a mysterious blonde he’d been dreaming of since he could remember, a woman he thought was supposed to be Deanna until he beamed on board and saw she had the wrong hair color.So you’re not into mail-order teddy bears or heart-shaped boxes of bonbons. There are plenty of reasons, human and otherwise, that Star Trek: The Next Generation wouldn’t be considered Valentine’s Day viewing.


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