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Members from all over the world discuss, ask, answer, and rampage on the topic "Abraham and You".

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In 2007, while living on the island, I switched careers to become a fitness trainer and group exercise instructor.

After having my son & eventually becoming a single-mom, I ended my Job Corps career as the Site Director of the #1 campus in the country (fortunately located on the top-rated tropical island in the world).

I try keep a positive mental attitude and look at the seeds of a be I could describe myself as a deep-thinking creative genius with an amazing sense of humor, BUT any D-bag on the internet could describe himself that way on a site like this....

The intention of Abraham Singles is to facilitate joyous meetings of those who appreciate the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.

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And paperback copy is now available at Lulu.com: (Special thanks to Mike De Forbes and Donna De Forbes for their help with illustration, graphic design, and editing/formatting) I earned a B. in Psychology (w/emphasis in child development) from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.


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